Heading back to London

Train tickets are booked and in a few weeks time I will be heading back to London. This time it will be to capture the feel of the vibrant Brick Lane Market in Shoreditch. One of the big scenes in my new novel is based there and I want my readers to be in the moment. The sights, sounds, smells and feel of the market should surround you in such a way that when something dramatic happens it’s like you are there to witness it first hand. It’s forever changing with old breweries being given a new life and now home to boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants.
Last month I went back to my roots and took photos of Hackney hospital where I was born. I couldn’t believe how many of the buildings were still standing. Bannister House being a prime example. Berger road school was another trip down memory lane for me. Whilst in London I took a trip up the Shard and from the viewing gallery it was easy to observe all the areas in my novel. The Barbican centre is another exciting scene with a sniper shooting at my lead character whilst he is mingling with hundreds of people waiting to see a concert. The extra observations I am keen to include comes easily when I am there at the scene.
This should be enough for me to finish of the final draft and then decide where next for the crime novel
Brick Lane


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